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Keep your organization cybersecured with Cyberness

Nowadays Cybersecurity Awareness is a must and needs to be part of all organizations. With Cyberness all employees will be educated and provided of adequate training about cyber risks and cyber threats. A well-trained staff can fortify your defenses against cyberattacks, reduce the human risk, and provide multiple other benefits for your company.

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Develop Cybersecurity Aware Culture in your Organization

Awareness Strategy

Let us manage your cybersecurity awareness strategy with a 360 focus. Security should be built into the culture of your organization. Internal and external employees, providers and board of directors will understand the importance of cybersecurity.

Cyberattack Simulation

We have developed security attack simulators. Phishing Attack, Denial of Services or Malware spread inside the organization. Know your weakness and provide awareness programs for training employees.

Content Campaings

Humans are the weakest link in the cybersecurity chain. All employes need to know about the cyber risks and how to protect themself. Our Security awareness content empowers your employees to spot phishing tactics, enhancing job satisfaction.

Enterprise Platform

Online platform with training, courses and evaluations of all your employees. Educate on specific threats and prevent human error. Manage and monitored your cyber risk level.

Cyber Security Gadgets

We have developed a Cybersecurity "Paranoid" Kit. The kit contains several products to made consciences, inform and educate about cybersecurity of all people.

Security Awareness Talks

Our Cybersecurity experts will deliver first-rate content on new cyber threats to raise awareness at the different levels of the organization.

About Us

Cyberness is focused to work with all organizations.

Awareness Technology developed by NIVEL4 Cybersecurity company

NIVEL4 Cybersecurity

Chilean cybersecurity company that offers a wide set of cybersecurity services, including outsourced technology support, managed services, software tools, penetration testing, systems auditing, vulnerability analysis and consulting. We help to all organizations and industries to keep cybersecured and protect their reputation.

Our Features

Know all features of our awareness platform.

Self Management

Manage your own awareness campaign and launch it to your organization. Get access to reports in realtime.

Users and Groups Management

Create groups to keep all your employees categorized by job position, branch office, work area, age, etc. You can launch campaigns oriented to special group of users and see which employees take active steps to report threats through the prescribed channels.

Analysis and Reporting

Manage and implement your own effective awareness campaign and launch it to your organization. Get access to reports in real time.

Complete support

We provide technical support. We accompany you through the cyber awareness process of your company with an eye toward protecting your most critical business assets.

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